Sri Venkateswara Vedic Recording Project

Sri Venkateswara Vedic University has started a prestigious project called "Sri Venkateswara Vedic Recording Project" with a unique objective, as mandated by the University Act, of preserving the Vedic recitation in its pristine glory with proper emphasis on Swara etc. as well as some of the regional variations found in various parts of India. The recitation has research value for sound and pitch analysis. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, which was earlier carrying out recording of Vedas in spools since 1976 have transferred, on 13.06.2014, all vedic related recorded spools and DVDs along with a partition of their recording studio at S.V. College of Music and Dance with recording equipments/ appliances. Sri Ramakrishna Somayaji Sarma was appointed as Co-ordinator for the project. The Veda Recording Project is undertaking the work of recording the Vedas - Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana Vedas; Upanishads, Veda Bhashyas, Agamas, Pourohityas and Vedangas, rendered by eminent scholars. In respect of the already recorded CDs/DVDs editing work is undertaken besides fresh recording in the areas not so far covered.

Sl. No.VedaNumber of CDsNumber of SpoolsHours
1Rigveda 1141866450
2Sukla Yajurveda224295270
3Krishna Yajurveda9671082400
6KrishnaYajurveda Varnakrama--2415

Subsequent to take over from TTD, S.V. Veda Recording Project recorded several DVDs & CDs and also released as the following:

S. No.
Sivaratri Vaisistyam
1Sivaratri Vaisitryam Introduction by Hon'ble Vice ChancellorDownload Mp3
2Sivaratri Vaisistyam 1Download Mp3
3Sivaratri VratamDownload Mp3
4Sivaratri Vrata PrayogamDownload Mp3
5Siva StotramDownload Mp3
6Sivaratri KathaDownload Mp3
S. No.DVD/CD NameDuration of the DVD/CDDownload/format
1Upanishanmanjari13 hrs.Coming soon
2Paramatmikopanishath 25 Min.Download mp3
3Mahanarayanopanishth54 Min.Download mp3
4Eesavasyopanishath 25 Min.Download mp3
5Sathapatha Brahmanam, Vol -1155 Min.Download mp3 Zip File
6Sathapatha Brahmanam, Vol -2600 Min.Download mp3 Zip File
7Suklayajurveda Kanva Samhitha210 Min.Coming soon
8Samaveda Jaiminiya Sakha TN Vol-1Coming soon
9Samaveda Jaiminiya Sakha TN Vol-2Coming soon
10Atharvaveda Saunaka Sakha AP Vol-1Coming soon
11Atharvaveda Saunaka Sakha AP Vol-2Coming soon
12Atharvaveda Paippalada Sakha - Orissa Vol-1Coming soon
13Atharvaveda Paippalada Sakha - Orissa Vol-2Coming soon
14Samaveda Thambraparni Gana Vol-1Coming soon
15Samaveda Thambraparni Gana Vol-2Coming soon
16Samaveda Thambraparni Gana Vol-3Coming soon
17Samaveda Gurjara Gana Vol-1Coming soon
18Samaveda Gurjara Gana Vol-2Coming soon
19Samaveda Gurjara Gana Vol-3Coming soon

For order the copies, please contact:

Sri Ramakrishna Somayaji Sarma
Coordinator, S.V. Vedic Recording Project
S.V. Vedic University
Tirupati - 517502
Ph: 9440292111