About The Logo
Sri Venkateswara Vedic University Logo
  1. The "Thirunamam" in the Emblem represents Lord Sri Venkateswara, whose benevolence and blessings are the root cause for the genesis of the Vedic University.
  2. The "Omkara" is the embodiment of the Vedapurusha representing four Vedas, It is also considered as the symbol of the origin for the genesis existence and the absorption of the Universe.
  3. The middle red line above the Omkara represents light which considered as Knowledge and Science.
  4. The globe-shape of the Emblem represents the entire Universe.
  5. The light blue color surrounding the blue circle signifies the infinity of Knowledge and Science encompassing the whole Universe.
  6. The byline "Sam Sruthena Gamemahi" menas treading the Vedic Path.